A Novel by Agatha Christie, 1939
[Previously published as "Ten Little Indians"]

Lesson Plan Ideas

  • We (honors geometry and anyone else who is interested) will start reading this beginning the 1st day of school and must finish by the end of 4th week.
  • Students read the book outside of class.
  • There will be daily class discussion.
  • At the end of each chapter, the student is to decide "Whodunit" and why (motive). (possibly SchoolSpace discusion board entry or Blog)
  • We will play Clue (the original version) on a Monday (most likely the second or third Monday). I own one game and hopefully can borrow 4 more from the faculty.
  • Students will create a map (topological) of the island and a scale drawing of the house.
Suspect List: SuspectsATTWN.docx

Island and House layout: Island Map and House Floor Plan.docx

The Movie

The Cast: Cast

The Board Game