"Crossing the River with Dogs"[Problem Based Learning]Pete Andersonpganders@henrico.k12.va.us

I. The Article: A Mathematicians Lament.pdf by Paul Lockhart

II. Who's Responsible for What? - What is Problem Solving.pdf

III. Problems to Solve
  1. Crossing the River with ...
  2. The Modern Basketball Association: ModernBballAssociation-Text.pdf
  3. Loose Change: LooseChange-Text.pdf
  4. Life on the Farm: LifeOnTheFarm-text.pdf
  5. The Locker Problem: read the problem | online applet
IV. Rubrics Drive Instruction: The Write Up.pdf

V. My 1st Quiz (with student work): Haywire-with-StudentWork.pdf

VI. The Text
Problem Solving Strategies: Crossing the River With Dogs and Other Mathematical Adventures(ISBN: 1559530685 / 1-55953-068-5 ) Available at AbeBooks.com for as little as $1 (used).GAHS Math text samples
[The_Canterbury_Puzzles_Dudeney_edited.pdf by Henry Ernest Dudeney, 1908]

VII. Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum: Problem Solving Honors Level Addendum.pdf

VIII. Integrating "Mathematics"
Level 1: Coordinates of a PointLevel 2: Equation of a LineLevel 3: Equation of a QuadraticFree web based “software”.No download necessary. Geogebra.org
external image 290px-Geogebra.svg.png

IX. Sample Lesson Plans
X. What are the Good Problems
Dan Meyers fish tank: blog post | video

PowerPoint Presentation: PBL-Anderson.pptx