Center for Education and Human Development
Technology and Communication in the 21st Century

Course Objectives
Ø Explore the fundamentals of advancing technology and how it relates to classroom instruction
Ø Investigate the history of technology and the statistical data that drives its evolution in education
Ø Develop and implement student created curriculum

Course Outline

Pre-Test Entry Presentation:
· Summer Assignment Prior – Choose your online course topic (submit topic for approval)
· Give a 5 minute presentation using any technology available to you.
· Presentation will be given on the 1st two days of class

Unit 1: Multimedia Skills

· Good Design / working with text
o The four basic principles: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
o The Non-Designers Design Book, second edition. 2004, Peach Pit Press. Robin Williams
· Audio
o fundamental knowledge: file types
o Collecting digital audio
§ recording basics
§ acquiring audio (music) ethically/copy right laws
o editing
§ Software packages
o Sharing
§ Podcasting
o Story telling – NPR reporting, pre-TV radio shows
· Graphics
o fundamental knowledge: file types
o Collecting digital images
§ photography basics
§ acquiring images ethically/copy right laws
o editing graphics
§ Software packages
§ Online services
o Sharing graphics
§ online services/communities
· Video
o fundamental knowledge: file types
o Taking video
§ From a digital recorder: Camcorder, smartphone,
§ Acquiring video ethically/copy right laws
§ Screen Capture
o Editing video
§ Software packages
§ Online services
§ Professional studios
o Sharing Video
§ vodcasting
§ Youtube and services of that nature

Unit 2: Instructional Hardware

· Computers
o Operating Systems
§ Mac vs PC vs Open Source
o Types of Computing Devices
§ desktop vs laptop vs tablet vs iPad vs PDA vs SmartPhones vs ...
· Projection Devices
· Document Cameras
· Interactive White Boards, wireless and wired pads
· Student Response Systems
· Other Fun Gizmos

1st Semester Exam: Live Lesson/Presentation

· Explain and demonstrate the objectives of your online course.
· Emphasis will be placed on cutting edge instructional hardware
· Emphasis will be placed on a collaborative learning activity
· All students critique / backchannel

Unit 3: Communications

· One way
· Two way
· Collaboration
· Social Networking

Unit 4: Designing and Managing 21st Century eLearning

· Content Delivery Systems
o Blackboard, Angel, Moodle
· Web Page vs Wiki vs Blog
o html basics
· Web 2.0 tools

2nd Semester Exam: Teach your online course.
Each student is to create an online course on a topic of their choosing with the instructor’s approval. The course will consist of 5 – 7 lessons and will be offered to students and faculty of Glen Allen High School.